1. You MUST have a webpage and content on it.
  2. NO TyPiNg LiKe ThIs.
  3. You must not be coping some else's page.
  4. No hentai or porn.
  5. Tag must be on your page before you submit. Pages without tags will not be given a warning. You have until the end of the month to have the code up. Otherwise your submission form WILL be deleted. I will not email you, u have no other chance. Unless u want to submit it again next month and have your code up this time.
  6. Don't flame any of the other members.
  7. If you move please notify me.
  8. Please CHECK the Members List before joining. (Only 1 Character per Person) (You also can not have the same character as someone else)
  9. Shounen ai and Shoujo ai pages are permitted!! YAY!!
  10. Like Blue Hair and maybe the color...